About Shuzi

How Shuzi Works

Shuzi (pronounced Shoo-zee ) utilizes a proprietary Chip from United States, which is programmed to resonate with your cells’ natural frequencies.

Every Shuzi product is embedded with this Chip. It doesn’t matter which style you choose, they all have the same effect.

No battery/energy source required. Many people ask us how this is possible. Here is our official explanation:

It is a well known fact in the scientific community that ALL atoms are in a constant state of motion. This includes physical object atoms, such as the atoms that make up a desk or chair. More specifically, every atom in a physical object is known to “vibrate” or oscillate back and forth. Please see the wikipedia article “Atom Vibrations”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atom_vibrations

“The atoms and ions, which are bonded with each other with considerable interatomic forces, are not motionless. Due to the consistent vibrating movements, they are permanently deviating from their equilibrium position. Elastic waves of different lengths, frequencies, and amplitudes run through crystalline solids at all times. The typical order of the atomic vibrations frequencies is 1013 Hz, and that of the amplitudes is 10-11 m.”

Additionally, this can be proven by Albert Einstein’s famous equation e=mc2.
According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass%E2%80%93energy_equivalence):

“In physics, mass–energy equivalence is the concept that the mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. In this concept, mass is a property of all energy, and energy is a property of all mass, and the two properties are connected by a constant. This means (for example) that the total internal energy E of a body at rest is equal to the product of its rest mass m and a suitable conversion factor to transform from units of mass to units of energy.”

Logically, utilizing e=mc2 every atom has mass and the speed of light (c) is a constant, therefore there must be energy in every atom. Through our proprietary programming process, our chip emits sub-atomic energies powered by an atom’s inherent energy. While the scale of vibration is considerably smaller for nano-vibrational technology, it is inherently the same in definition, to any other object that vibrates.

What Can Shuzi Do For Me?

The results you see from Shuzi depends on your personal physiology. We have testimonials from around the world from people who no refuse to take of their shuzi. Be sure to visit the testimonial page for testimonials from people who have experienced Shuzi for themselves and their pet.

Still Not Convinced?

The following tests have shown repeated positive results:

QEEG Brain Testing

QEEG(Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is a scientifically established methodology measuring and digitally recording electrical activity patterns produced within the brain which primarily reflect cortical electrical activity or “brainwaves”. The results of testing show that Shuzi Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT) had an average improvement in emotional efficiency of 17.0% (eyes closed) and in cognitive efficiency of 22.3% (eyes opened) after 30 minutes. These averages increased to 20.8% (eyes closed) and 26.9% (eyes opened) after wearing Shuzi’s NVT for seven days or more. [ view full report ]

Bio-Meridian Stress Assessment

Often referred to as a ‘stress assessment’, Biomeridian testing is a noninvasive method used to assess the energy meridians (channels) of the body. Results higher or lower then the established ‘normal’ reflects a level of stress. In most tests, individuals wearing NVT technology regularly showed less stressful results after wearing the technology for 30 minutes or more.

Live & Dry Blood Cell Analysis

Tests have been conducted with both Live and Dry blood cells using high-resolution dark field microscopy. In these tests, people wearing NVT for at least 30 minutes showed more circular and less clumping of red blood cells then before they wore the technology.

Thermal Imaging

Thermography is used to detect hot and cold spots in the body in order to detect possible issues. Baseline testing was performed on individuals prior to wearing NVT technology, then again 30 minutes after applying the technology. In most cases, the increase in circulation was easily noticeable which indicated increased efficiency. The increase in circulation was not due to an increase in heart rate as the heart rate stayed consistent, but was attributed to the the blood cells being able to move with less congestion.


As always please consult with your doctor if you are taking any medications before using a Shuzi product. Shuzi is not meant to replace medication prescribed by your doctor.

Results may vary with each individual
Neither the developer or manufacturer of Shuzi products, or it’s distributors, partners or associates make any claim that any of the Shuzi products prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose diseases.
If you have a pre-existing health issue or are taking prescribed medication,please consult your physician before using a Shuzi product.
A small percentage of people will experience some dizziness or headaches. Please drink plenty of water for 2-3 days and the symptoms should disappear. If you have symptoms longer than three days, please discontinue using Shuzi until you consult with your physician.